Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water FAQ's

Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water



Where can I find the analysis of a bill?

For a bill analysis and more information regarding the status of a bill, click on this link:  Legislative Information.  This link will take you to the California Legislative Information website.

How can I testify at a hearing?

Anyone wanting to comment on the support or opposition of a bill on our agenda is welcome.  There is a time during the presentation of each bill when anyone supporting or opposing the bill is asked to come forward, at separate times.  We take two people to testify for each side as primary witnesses.  After the primary witnesses, we ask that anyone else wishing to be recorded on the record state only name, their organization, and their position on the bill.

We encourage the public to submit written testimony before the hearing through the position letter portal. Please note that any written testimony submitted to the committee is considered public comment and may be read into the record or reprinted.

When is the deadline for submitting support or opposition letters?

Seven (7) working (business) days prior to the Tuesday the bill is set for hearing. 

Letters are to be submitted to the committee via the Advocacy Portal by clicking on the "Submit Position Letter" link below:

Submit Position Letter

Directions on how to use the advocacy portal can be found on this link:  Advocacy Quick Reference Guide

For information on the requirements for submitting position letters through the advocacy portal and a list of specific dates, refer to the “Position Letters” link on this website.

In what order will the bills be heard on hearing day?

We hear our bills in file order.  As is customary, any members of the committee that have bills on the agenda go at the end of other author’s presentations.

When does the committee have to have amendments on a bill that has been set for hearing?

Author amendment requests must in leg counsel form and be delivered both in hard copy and email form seven (7) working (business) days prior to the hearing at which the bill has been set. Follow the guidelines below for submission:

  • Submit the secure, digital PDF version of the in-context (with the Legislative Counsel Digest) amendments from Legislative Counsel as an attachment via email to Sandra Sanders ( and Todd Moffitt ( with the following subject line:
    • Subject:  Author amendments on [insert bill number] [author name] [RN number]
  • Deliver single-sided hard copies of the amendments to Room 3220 in this form:
    • Three (3) copies of the itemized amendments (without the Legislative Counsel Digest), each set stapled, NO double-sided copies, as follows:
      • One (1) original copy of the itemized amendments with the author’s signature in the top right-hand corner.
      • Two (2) printed copies of the itemized amendments.

How can I review or watch a hearing after the hearing date?

All committee hearings are televised.  All hearings can be viewed on the Senate website.  Go to the Senate website ( and find the hearing scrolling to the right under Today’s Events.  When the hearing begins, you will be able to click “watch” and the hearing will open. After the hearing, you can find a video recording of the hearing under media archives on the Senate website or there will be a link on our committee page ( under the date specific to the hearing.

How can I make an appointment to meet with one of the committee consultants?

Please call the committee’s direct line (916-651-4116) and ask to speak with the specific consultant.  Each consultant schedules their own meetings.  You are also welcome to email the consultants directly.

When are the analyses available to the public?

Most often our analyses are available by Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday hearing.  The analyses are available electronically on copies are available upon request from the committee office at 1021 O Street, Room 3220. 

Who are the members of the committee and do you have their contact information?

A complete list of committee members and their staff contacts can be found under the “Member Information” tab on our committee website.

When do Urgency measures take effect?

Immediately after the Governor signs them.

Updated: 3.20.24