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Position Letters

Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee Requirements for Position Letters

  • Submit letters via the Advocacy Portal by clicking on this link:   Submit Position Letter

  • For information on how to use the Advocacy Portal, please see the directions in this link: Advocacy Quick Reference Guide

  • When submitting a letter, you must specifically send it to our committee and clearly state one of the following positions in order to be reflected in the analysis:

  1. Support

  2. Support if amended

  3. Opposition

  4. Oppose unless amended 

Any other positions of concern will be filed with the committee, but will not be reflected in the analysis.  Please be sure to state your position and the measure number clearly.

  • Support and Opposition letters are due no later than 5:00 pm, seven (7)  working (business) days prior to the Tuesday that the bill is set for hearing. 

For Organizations:

It is the responsibility of the advocate of the organization to submit the letter via the portal to the committee.  If they fail to do so, the letter may not be reflected in the Natural Resources and Water committee analysis, even if it is otherwise available in the portal to another committee or the author. You must sign in the portal on behalf of an organization, and not as an individual, to submit for the organization.

Coalition Letters:

A coalition letter may only be submitted through the portal by an organization, not an individual, on behalf of itself and other organizations. An organization may submit a single (1) position letter on behalf of itself and other organizations. In this case, every member organization of the coalition must be selected when submitting the letter in the Position Letter Portal. For instructions on how to do this, see “Submit Position Letter for Multiple Organizations” in the Advocacy Quick Reference.

It is important that the organization only submits a single (1) position letter on behalf of the other organizations, otherwise your letter will look like a duplicate submitted under the initial representative/organization name. In addition, if you submit multiple letters under a single organization's name, they will NOT be reflected separately in the analysis.

For the letter to be accepted by the committee, only the signature of the representative of the submitting organization is required.  However, all of the organizations must be specifically listed, (person's name, title, as applicable, and organization name) in the signature area of the letter in order to be reflected on the analysis.  Please list the organizations in alphabetical order. 

Who should the letter be addressed to:

Our committee will accept letters addressed to the Author or previous committees of referral, in addition to our Chair or the Committee specifically.  HOWEVER, they must be submitted to our committee directly, in one of the above stated ways. 

It is not the policy of the committee to make sure your letters get to all the members of the committee.  You are encouraged to email your letter to each member individually.  Please click the “Member Information” link above for full contact details on each member of the committee.


Please note: We do not have a finalized list of which bills are being set on each hearing date.  You are strongly advised to submit your position letter(s) ASAP. Do not wait for bills to be noticed in the Daily File.


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