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Welcome to the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water


Bills relating to conservation and management of public resources, fish and wildlife, regulation of oil, mining, geothermal development, wetlands and lakes, global atmospheric effects, ocean and bay pollution, coastal resources, forestry practices, recreation, parks and historical resources, and water supply management.


Committee meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9:30 A.M. in Room 2100 O street.  Please check the daily file for any schedule changes.


MIN, Chair
Tuesday, February 28th, 9 a.m.
1021 O Street, Room 2100
SUBJECT: 30x30: What is Next on the Pathway to Conserving 30 Percent of
California’s Lands and Coastal Waters by 2030?

Participant Phone Number: TBA      Access CodeTBA


Teleconference Instructions:

Due to the health and safety risks associated with the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Senate will continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Accordingly, seating for Senate proceedings will continue to be limited to the extent social distancing allows. All hearings are live streamed on the Senate’s website at

We encourage the public to submit written testimony before the hearing through the position letter portal. Please note that any written testimony submitted to the committee is considered public comment and may be read into the record or reprinted.

Information regarding a call-in option for testimony will be made available and updated the night prior to the hearing date.


Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water hearing call-in information for hearings:                 

Please note: In order for your testimony to be heard clearly, you must mute any devices you are using to live stream the committee hearing prior to calling into the teleconference service. Please do not testify using speakerphone or bluetooth, this can cause acoustic feedback and make it very difficult to hear your testimony. 

  • Upon calling in, you will be placed in a “waiting room” where you will be muted but you can listen to the committee hearing as you wait.

  • When a committee moves to public comment, a moderator will ask for anyone who is wishing to testify in “Support” of the bill to please press 1-0.  The moderator will again prompt those waiting in “Opposition” when the committee moves to opposition.  You should press 1-0 when you are prompted by the moderator – be sure to listen for support or opposition and DO NOT press 1-0 until the proper position has been asked for. 

  • When you press 1-0 on your phone, you will wait and an operator will assign you a line number, at that time you will be placed in the queue for identification.  Remember your line number, the moderator will call out that number to identify YOU when it is your turn to testify.  OF IMPORTANT NOTE: If you press 1-0 a second time, you will remove yourself from the queue and you will not be identified to testify. Every time you press 1-0 you either put yourself “In queue” or take yourself “Out of queue” so listen carefully, and press 1-0 only once when you are prompted by the moderator.

  • When you are successfully in the queue, with your assigned line number, the moderator will call out your line number, open your line, and at that time you may address the committee. You must have your own phone unmuted before you begin testimony.

  • Participant Phone Number: TBA Access Code: TBA

    A more detailed explanation of the teleconference instructions can be found by clicking the “Teleconference Instructions” 




  • We are receiving office phone calls and responding to all email communication during the business hours of 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm ~ Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


  • We will continue to receive position letters on all legislation via the advocacy portal and email. Please see "Position Letters" above for more specific information.

  • We will continue to keep our website up to date on the status of our bill hearings.


Committee phone:  (916) 651-4116

Committee Staff:

Katharine Moore:

Catherine Baxter:

Sandra Sanders:




Senator Dave Min (Chair)
Senator Kelly Seyarto (Vice Chair)
Senator Benjamin Allen
Senator Brian Dahle
Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman
Senator Shannon Grove
Senator Melissa Hurtado
Senator John Laird
Senator Monique Limón
Senator Steve Padilla
Senator Henry I. Stern

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